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Vanlife and Remote Work in Colorado

In-office, hybrid, or work from home?

Not a day goes by on LinkedIn where someone doesn't make a case for one mode of working over another.

It's probably not a suprise that we'd prefer to erase all those words and just write "remote" instead.

Sometimes I work from home. Sometimes I work from a separate rented office. And other times I work from a camp chair in a state park at 9600 feet of elevation.

We had planned a vacation in Colorado. But it was 12 hours of driving to get there. Seemed silly to do all that driving then come home after just one week.

So I packed my work laptop and we extended the trip by a week. After spending vacation playing tourist, visiting friends, and relaxing, I spent a week working from a quiet state park with a view of the backside of Pikes Peak.

And then we were ready to be home. As the holiday weekend traffic streamed towards the mountains, we headed back east to our little house in Missouri.

We spent years fully mobile with no house to come home to. And it was good.

And now it's nice to have a home to come back to, space to spread out in, a hot shower at the ready, and a couch to nap on.

Viva la remote work!